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Hello, I’m Siobhán Sloane, a qualified heritage professional and yoga instructor. With Find Your Essential Nature I lead wellness in nature experiences in the Irish landscape to help people find balance and connect to their senses. The guided walks include forest-bathing, mindful walking and learning about wild plants and their traditional uses.

Having worked in an office environment for many years, my own relationship with nature showed that spending quality time walking, listening and breathing in nature can restore the balance lost with too much time spent at desks and on screens.

I am originally from county Meath and worked in Dublin city for over 10 years in PR and events for music, food and sports. Some key moments led me the the path I am now on. After a really enjoyable year working and travelling around New Zealand, I discovered my love of the natural world. Having experienced the positive impacts of yoga on my general health and wellbeing. In 2010 I began my training as a yoga instructor with Yoga Therapy Ireland and Ard Nahoo Yoga School.

Around this time I left Dublin city and moved to the west of Ireland and began studying toward a degree in Heritage. This was a very enjoyable time as the course involved lots of field trips exploring the habitats, flora and fauna of Ireland. I developed a particular love for the culture of the landscape, the wild plants and flowers, the common names and the stories that their names held, as well as the traditional uses for plants.

I have been living in Galway since 2014 where I have worked in food tourism destination development and as an environmental education guide in the Burren region. I have delivered nature-based programmes to 100s of primary school aged children.

What I find most rewarding about Find Your Essential Nature is helping people of all ages to find simple ways to benefit from engaging with the natural world around us and connecting breath and movement for balance.

I have learned from experience that the natural world holds all that we need and that is what I want to share with you.


Siobhán Sloane, Find Your Essential Nature

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