Find Your Essential Nature

with Siobhán Sloane

Find Your Essential Nature

Siobhán Sloane leads wellness in nature experiences, sensory forest walks, yoga classes and workshops and nature-based education in the west of Ireland.

Yoga Classes & Workshops

Learn how to practice mindful movement as yoga combines breath and action.

In studio classes and online guided yoga.

Eco-Wellness Experiences

Go off the beaten track where nature and culture meet. Discover traditional uses for wild plants on a mindful walk with nature-bathing and a locally sourced picnic.

Learning in Nature

Let nature be your teacher. Yoga and nature-based programmes  for primary school age. Arts and crafts from nature for the outdoor classroom.

Upcoming Events

Creative by Nature | Children’s Course

Saturday Mornings for four weeks in May 2021

Age: 7 to 12 year olds

Price: €40 per child (sibling discount 50%)

Interactive children’s online course with animal shapes yoga and nature inspired games, stories and activities to help children express their creativity. Mindful drawing and age-appropriate yoga, breathing and relaxation to find calm. Fun and interactive course live-streamed.

Yoga Classes | 4 Week Online Practice

Siobhán Sloane is a qualified and experienced yoga therapist and children’s yoga practitioner.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years, in studio, online and outdoors.

Unplug Picnic | Eco-wellbeing Events

Go off the beaten track to find space to unplug and connect with nature, the senses and yourself. 

Eco-wellbeing experiences with mindful walking in the cultural landscape where he focus is on stopping to take in our surroundings rather than covering long distances.

Along the way Siobhán shares her knowledge about wild plants and flowers and their traditional uses.


Connect with Nature

“Siobhán really helped us connect with nature and by the end of the day we were left feeling very calm, peaceful and relaxed, the stresses of life just flowed away.  The countryside and scenery was spectacular and healing and she helped to bring it to life”

Knowledge and Joy

“I simply loved this day out, what a way to experience the Burren. The yoga was so enjoyable and the food incredible.  Thank you Siobhán for sharing your knowledge of joy of the Burren”

Foraging Walk

“Today was amazing, went on an incredible nature and food foraging walk with Siobhán.  We tasted vetches and wood sorrel, we saw wild thyme, hare bells, self healing herb, wild orchids, wild strawberries and hazelnuts on a hazel tree”

Calming and Grounding

“Amazing day, forest bathing was so calming and grounding with wonderful guide Siobhán.  Learned loads about the flora and fauna. So worth the trip from Dublin to Galway”

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